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 I've been in the maintenance business for over 30 years. Nineteen years ago, I started my own company in Columbus, Ohio. Even though I did not sub out any work, I took on large projects and completed them with a high level of customer satisfaction. In time I have developed a team of contractors and sub-contractors where excellence is priority.

I started out after High School in the United States Air Force as a missile facility specialist working on support building maintenance.  I worked on power systems of up to 440 VAC on diesel generator standby systems, heating and air conditioning, environmental systems, sump pumps and advanced to supervisor and became master technician and then advanced to Air Training Command of which I was awarded Master Instructor.  From there I went into carpentry and framing to window and door installations to roofing to tiling to electrical and plumbing with various companies in Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, North Dakota, Honduras, Africa and Florida.  I started my own business and did several remodeling projects.  I took the Florida State General Contractors Exam and Florida Certified Roofing Contractor Exam and became a General Contractor and Roofing Contractor available to serve most states as such. I am required to take continuing education classes to keep updated on all state regulations and do so every two years.I am also a member of the Florida Home Builder's Association.  References are available upon request.



CGC1512208 General Contractor


CCC1330852  Roofing Contractor


ROC 337277 General Contractor

State of Arizona


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